My Shakeology Story

Chocolate Mint Shakeology Recipe
Chocolate Mint Shakeology Recipe
1 Scoop Chocolate Shakeology
1 cup milk or almond milk
1 Tbsp natural peanut butter
splash of mint extract or fresh mint leaves
½ cup ice
Blend! It's sooo good!
Before using Shakeology I was always trying different types of diets to lose weight.  Those diets made me tired and have little energy.  I didn't really enjoy eating lots of vegetables either.  Losing weight and dieting is TOUGH.  If you've ever done know what I mean.

So that's why I liked that Shakeology had tons of vegetables, super foods, fruits, and all over really nutritious real foods--I wasn't getting these items in my diet consistently and I felt it.

After I started drinking Shakeology DAILY, I started feeling ENERGIZED, more alert and my cravings for sweet things went down drastically. I've now got enough energy to get me through the day, and especially get me through my workouts! 

I love Shakeology now because it ensures that I never have to worry about having a healthy breakfast and ensuring my day always starts out right.  One less thing to worry about in terms of my health and fitness journey is a win in my books--it's tough enough as-is trying to eat right.  

But Isn't It Too Expensive?

Anyone that knows me knows I'm my first reaction to the price of Shakeology was that it was too expensive for me! I'm all about getting the best value for my money.  I was comparing the cost of a serving of Shakeology to that of the protein powders I was using and just didn't get it.

But the more I read up about what's in Shakeology, I realized that it wasn't just a protein powder but was more of a super health product.  The superfood ingredients weren't in any other product I was using, and the protein powders I was using had so much unnatural stuff in them while Shakeology only had natural whole food ingredients. 

Peanut Butter Banana Vanilla Shakeology Recipe
Peanut Butter Banana Shakeology Recipe
1 scoop Vanilla Shakeology
1 cup nonfat milk (or almond milk)
½ medium banana
1 Tbsp natural peanut butter
½ cup ice
Blend! My fave vanilla recipe!

Seeing value in the product, I actually broke down and bought my first bag of Shakeology (chocolate) and LOVED it.  I didn't drink it everyday though...I was trying to be rational and spread out the cost of the bag over as long as I could.  Once my bag was done, my severe cheapness overtook me and I spent about a year trying out cheap protein powders to see if I could find one that tasted as AWESOME as Shakeology and that had all natural super foods.  Nothing I tried tasted like the rich super chocolatey flavour of Shakeology, and none made me feel ENERGIZED like Shakeology.  I really missed Shakeology...

Someone at work started talking about meal replacement shakes one day and it reminded me of when I had tried Shakeology.  Making me think about Shakeology again made me realize I was CRAVING it again.  That's when I decided to get Shakeology again--and I've been replacing my breakfast with my Shakeology shake EVERY day since!

Having my Shakeology shake each day is a non-negotiable now--heck...sometimes I even have it twice. hehe.  And that's my story. :)

Check out more about Shakeology here, including ways to save here:

Some Q&As About Shakeology!

What IS Shakeology? 

Shakeology is a comprehensive nutritional shake that provides a wide variety of healthy nutrients in a low-calorie formula. Whether you use it as a meal replacement for weight loss or simply to ensure your body gets all the nutrients it needs for optimal health, Shakeology takes the guesswork out of nutrition!

Is it a protein shake?

Yes...and no! While Shakeology has a high quality protein component it is far more than that. Shakeology has over 70 greens, fruits and veggies-that's the nutritional equivalent to FIVE plates of salad in each serving! Now don't get me wrong, I love a good salad, but FIVE a day, EVERY day??? I just know that no matter how good that might be for me I just couldn't keep up with it! Shakeology makes it very easy to get all the vital nutrients you need while still controlling calories. Truth be told, the majority of people are WAY MORE nutrient deficient, than they are Protein deficient. So why just stop at a protein shake?

Are the macronutrients 'better' than the shake I'm already drinking?

A lot of people look at just 3 things on a label: the protein, carbs and fats. There is WAY more to reading a label than that! As long as the protein, carbs and fats are in an acceptable RANGE, what you REALLY need to look at is the The quality of all the OTHER ingredients, where they come from and what they do for your internal health on a cellular level. You also need to be on the lookout for what is NOT on the label! Shakeology has no artificial colors, sweeteners, flavors, preservatives, stimulants or soy. When comparing labels, be sure to look at the BIG PICTURE!

Isn't it better to eat whole foods?

Yes! That's why Shakeology IS a whole food! Unlike many “processed fake” foods, each of Shakeology's superfoods has a unique way of being “preserved”. It’s a very difficult process to dry a food out enough that it can be ground and stored in a bag, but not so much that it’s precious nutritional enzymes are killed and eliminating it's nutritional value. Each ingredient in Shakeology undergoes this careful process so that you get all the benefits of the whole food nutrition, without the hassle and expense of importing and consuming all 70 ingredients and juicing them every day!

Isn't Shakeology really expensive??

Anyone who thinks Shakeology is expensive simply does not understand it's REAL VALUE. In a day and age where it costs $5 for a cup of coffee, most people would agree that paying $4 for a complete and comprehensive nutritional meal like Shakeology is a BARGAIN. Remember too that Shakeology also includes all of the daily vitamins for a typical adult (or child), so you are getting that as well!

Now granted, most of us do not buy an entire month's groceries at one time, so when you multiply the daily cost of shakeology out it can seem like a lot. BUT, when you consider that Shakeology is REPLACING one of those meals you'd need to purchase from the grocery store (or restaurant, or fast food place) you actually deduct your monthly Shakeology from your grocery budget. Its literally the least expensive AND the most dense nutritious daily meal my partner and I consume. For the price, we can not duplicate its number of high quality ingredients and nutrients.

Isn't Shakeology just for people who need to lose weight?

Definitely not! Remember, Shakeology is a NUTRITIONAL shake that EVERYONE can benefit from! So while it CAN be an extremely valuable tool for those looking to lose weight, it's just as valuable a tool for those looking to boost their immune system, regain energy, recovery from illness or even GAIN weight! Shakeology is about HEALTH. When you put the RIGHT nutrients in your body that it needs to develop, heal, recover, repair and thrive, you will ultimeltaly have MORE energy, LESS cravings, and FEEL better there fore you eat less and become more active.

Shakeology is the FOUNDATION from which ANYONE, young or old, weak or strong, too heavy or too light can build optimal health. Shakeology is about DENSE NUTRITION so you can use it as your meal base and add clean calories to it making it 300 calories, 500 calories or even more! Lets face it, not everyone needs to lose weight, but every needs to be healthier! sounds pretty great! How do I get some?

There are several ways for you to start using Shakeology! Simply choose the option that's right for you, message me, and it'll be on its way!

  • Option 1: Try a 4-serving SAMPLE PACK of Shakeology! You'll get either 4 single servings of the Whey-based Shakeology in 4 delicious flavours: Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry and Greenberry OR you can choose the super smooth Vegan formula and receive 2 Vegan Chocolate and 2 Vegan Tropical Strawberry flavours!
  • Option 2: Go all in! Order either a 24-day single serving supply OR a 30-day bulk bag supply of Shakeology! The single serving option gives you the added benefit of convenient single serving packets AND the opportunity to combine flavors in different combinations! The 30-day bags can be set to alternate flavors, so don't feel like you'll be locked in! With the cheap $2 'Super Discount' option ($7 in Canada), your shipping is super-cheap regardless of the order you choose!
  • Option 3: Get the Shakeology of your choice PLUS a complete DVD-based workout program for only $10 PLUS $2 shipping ($7 shipping in Canada)! Ask me about which programs are currently available for the $10 add-on! There are other great programs available as well for further upgrades--just ask!
  • Option 4: Get everything included in Option 3 PLUS save 25% on ALL of your future orders (that includes ANYTHING you might want in the future...programs, products, supplements...everything!!)


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