My Success Story

There really are solutions to problems that seem insurmountable. The key to solving them is to NEVER GIVE UP.



Hi! My name is Justin Stanley (some people call me JS for short) from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada!

I'm 32 years old, gay, married to my husband Shawn after being together for over 10 years now, work in an everyday office job during the day and do FREE fitness and nutrition coaching during my spare time! 

In my old job I used to work around food ALL day (I used to buy confections & frozen foods for grocery banners, so I was surrounded by food and pretty much ate and tried anything and everything that came in my path!) and I did absolutely no exercise at all. Not a good combination and it caused my weight to get out of control.

My Transformation Story

Mid-May 2008, I decided enough was enough! At 215 lbs. and a very small frame/height (5'8") I was very overweight. Something clicked in my brain. 

I looked into a good way to kick my carb addiction and started doing the Atkins program and lost quite a bit of weight right away--but I wanted to get HEALTHY in all aspects and that's when I saw someone else that was doing Atkins who talked about this program called P90X. I looked into it and figured it was a little too advanced for me so I looked into what alternatives there were: Power 90 came up.
Power 90 and P90X Weight Loss Results
My Power 90 and P90X Results
Me at my heaviest (215 lbs) 
and then after P90X Round 2 (143 lbs)!

So I started doing Power 90, a Beachbody at-home workout program, in June 2008. It was definitely tough, but I stuck through it and saw awesome progress! The time flew by and so did the months. Before I knew it I was almost done and didn't want to stop. 

I was ready for the challenge of P90X, another at-home extreme fitness program, and jumped right in. 

Beachbody provided me with a Beachbody coach to help keep me motivated while doing P90X--her name was Kelley (see photo below)! Kelley kept checking in with me throughout my program and I successfully completed P90X with great results! I decided to do a 2nd round of P90X and got even more results (see my final round 2 P90X results above in the photo).

I took some time off from doing Beachbody programs for a couple of years, and boy did I find it tough to keep my weight in check!  My coach, Kelley, posted about a new P90X program called P90X3 which was a 30-minute version of the original P90X--I knew it was my ticket to get back in the game so I bought it and completed it in April of 2014.  I loved the variety of the workouts and the fact that I didn't have to spend an hour working out like with P90X.

Here's my transformation video! Please leave a comment. :)

Present Day

MY coach, Kelley, and I when we
FINALLY got to meet in
Las Vegas, June 2014!

Six years since I first started Beachbody programs, I currently sit at 137 lbs (I've got a really small frame, OK? lol) and I'm happy I've been able to keep the weight off!  My next goal: increasing lean muscle-mass, improving flexibility and losing the last bit of belly fat so those darn abs poke through, which is why I'm now doing PiYo, Chalene Johnson's newest program that takes inspiration from yoga and pilates moves set to fast-paced cardio!

I also no longer eat wheat after reading the Wheat Belly book and realizing how it was negatively affecting me both mentally and physically! I stopped April 24th, 2012! Best decision I've made. :)

And finally, I became an Independent Team Beachbody Coach in December 2013 because I am passionate about helping others accomplish the same successes I've been fortunate enough to have by doing Beachbody at-home workout programs. To help ensure my challengers are successful, I keep everyone motivated and accountable in my free Facebook challenge group, and my coaching is also FREE. :)

To lifelong health, wellness and happiness!!!!

I was super lucky to finally meet some fellow coaches on our
Team Victory team at the Super Workout in Las Vegas in 2014!
There were over 8,000 other coaches that all got to workout together outdoors.
An amazing experience!


  1. Congratulations!!! What an amazing transformation story! I'm Priscilla Tuft and also a coach! I started using you BB app and it is sooooooo helpful! Thank you so much!!

    1. Hey Priscilla!!! Thank you! I'm so happy my app is proving to be useful. 😁 You're very welcome!

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