Monday 30 June 2014

Small Changes that Make a Huge Difference

MyFitnessPal did a quick survey on Facebook and twitter asking "What's one small change you've made since starting MyFitnessPal that's made a big difference?" Below are the ones I truly believe helped me...but check out the full story for all 30!

Small Food Changes
1. “Look up food before I put it in my mouth.” —Pauline W. K.
2. “If I’m going to have a snack, the correct portion goes in a bowl or on a plate, and the rest gets put back wherever it goes. Much better than mindlessly eating straight from the container.” —Cara E. M.
5. “I’ve become a food snob. If I am using calories for it, it better be worth it.” —Stephanie W.
8. “I no longer drink any calories.” —Diana S.
10. “Cooking at home instead of eating out has helped my weight and my wallet.” —Abbie B.
11. “I stopped snacking when I’m bored.” —Lauren G.
12. “Trying new, healthy foods. Before getting healthy I wouldn’t have even tried avocado or spaghetti squash!” —Crystal F.
14. “Making fruits, greens, veggies, seeds and nuts a major part of my diet by using my blender one to two times per day.” —Sharon K.
15. “Always looking at labels now to see what is in my ‘healthy’ food.” —Bobbie W.
16. “Eating breakfast! Keeps me full and prevents me from reaching for the sugar.” —@tara_smiles
18. “Definitely portion control and making online friends for support.” —@Cinbeth4
19. “I’m drinking more water and tracking it!” —@teamfitmommy
Small Fitness Changes
21. “Exercise.” —Jo J.
Small Habit Changes
25. “Everything I eat gets logged BEFORE I eat it.” —Kari S. S.
Small Mindset Changes
27. “Learning to love myself. Not beating myself up when I make a mistake! Trying to think positive!” —Kylie D.
28. “Stopped thinking this was a diet—this is about adjusting eating habits to make myself healthier.” —Sarah S.

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